Training about co-operatives

A number of organizations offer online training courses to help you learn more about the cooperative movement.

Training on Co-operatives

Introduction to Co-operatives (Co-operative First and Usask)

This free online course introduces you to the world of co-operatives, a unique kind of business that gives individuals and communities the power to decide how they meet their own needs and aspirations. In Canada, four out of every ten Canadians are a member of at least one co-operative. However, many Canadians don’t really understand what co-ops are and how they work.

Good Governance Matters (Co-operatives First and Usask)

This free online course explores what governance is, why organizations need governance, and what governance looks like in a co-operative.

Co-ops in Canada (Co-operatives First and Usask)

This free online course, available in French or English, explores the fundamental aspects of co-operatives, people’s motivations to start a co-op and how is the process to created them. It also delves into co-ops’ significant influence on the Canadian economic landscape.

Co-operative and mutual management: at the heart of a movement (CQCM)

  • Asynchronous distance learning on FC3 (SOFAD)
  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Continuing education units issued by SOFEDUC
  • Designed for managers of Quebec cooperatives and mutuals