Emerging Co-operator

Tristan has been widely involved in the Co-operative movement since moving into a Student housing co-operative in Toronto in 2005. Former President of Campus Co-op Residences Inc and the Ontario Student Co-op Association, Tristan currently serves as President of NASCO Properties, and serves as that board's representative on NASCO's NASCO’s Development board. Tristan is also involved with the Affordable Housing Committee at York University, and a budding non-profit, HOUSE (Housing Ontario University Students Equitably) which is striving to expand the success of UTILE's new model for development co-operative student housing into Ontario. While most of his efforts have been in the co-op housing sector, Tristan is currently a board member of Karma Co-operative in Toronto, a new-wave Food co-op which dates back to the early 70s. Tristan is a co-op researcher, historian and educator, and has given numerous presentations on co-op related topics in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Tristan's main employment is as Director of Education and Community with Regenesis, a campus-oriented environmental and social justice student non-profit in Toronto which supports students in operating environmental initiatives on college campuses.