“The Summit” is the foremost platform for business development for cooperative and mutual enterprises. In 2014, more than 40% of the 3,000 international participants were CEOs, VPs, Board Members, Directors and Managers. Close to 10% of young professionals aged 20 to 35 from around the world also attended the Summit under the Young Leaders Program.

From October 11 to 13 in Quebec, you will have the opportunity to:

Tap into new business intelligence and global socioeconomic and geopolitical trends.

Review the current social, economic and geopolitical situation, and delve deeply into the key factors leading to success, including innovationworking in the digital agecommitment to communityaccess to capitalbig data and the collaborative economy.

Learn from more than 200 high-profile speakers

Confirmed speakers include Robert Reich (influential Economist and former United States Secretary of Labor), Joseph E. Stiglitz (eminent Theoretician and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences), Mark R. Kramer (FSG co-Founder and shared value advocate), Jeremy Rifkin (world-renowned Economist and influential political advisor), Navi Radjou (eminent innovation and leadership advisor) and Maria Ubarretxena Cid (Mayor of the City of Mondragon), along with an impressive list of influential Chief Executive Officers and Chairpersons, such as Melina Morrison (Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals), Thierry Blandinières (InVivo), Inja Park (iCOOP Consumer Activities, iCOOP KOREA) and Robynn Shrader (National Co+op Grocers), to name but a few.

14 international studies will be presented exclusively to Summit participants

Access a wealth of new ideas, strategies and up-to-date management information that will improve your capacity to act and foster the growth of your organization. These studies will also shed new light on sectoral issues and best practices.

Take part in meetings specific to your sector!

Discuss sectoral challenges and opportunities in any of the following areas: Agriculture and Agri-Food IndustriesBanking and Financial ServicesInsuranceHealth and Social ServicesWholesale and Retail TradeIndustry, Services and Energy and Forestry.

Schedule meetings prior to arrival based on business objectives

Use the B2B Meeting Accelerator to maximize your networking and business development. Organize meetings, filter participant profiles, send meeting requests and manage your agenda by allowing the Meeting Accelerator to optimize your meetings based on the availability of participants.

Stand out and take part in a collective brainstorming session on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Showcase your contribution to SDGs. The ICA has positioned cooperatives as key agents for achieving the SDGs, and this can nurture opportunities for common concrete actions related to food securityemploymentaccess to healthcare and social servicespoverty and social inclusion, along with climate change and sustainable development.

Participate in pre-Summit activities

Explore possible partnerships in International Development (October 10), share solutions related to Rebuilding after Natural Disasters (October 10).Attend one of the many side meetings, gatherings and rendez-vous

Network, learn and connect with like-minded people on matters of interest related to cooperatives and mutuals during cocktail receptions, forums and discussion groups – and even morning runs – organized by our Summit partners.

Travel with your spouse!

Registered spouses can take part in many of the cultural activities included in the Spouses’ Program.