Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada is proud to announce the addition of two new regular members to the association!

We are happy to announce that Promutuel Insurance has joined CMC as a member. A leader in the insurance sector of Québec, Promutuel Insurance has 170 years of expertise in its field. This mutual is well established in all regions of Québec, thanks to its network of 16 mutual insurance associations. This extensive network is recognized for its experience in insurance, its economic strength, and their social commitment.

Additionally, CMC is also happy to see Calgary Co-op come onboard as a regular member. Calgary Co-op has been serving Calgarians since 1956 and has been a strong voice in the co-operative community out West. Calgary Co-op puts emphasis on sourcing its product from Calgary, across Alberta, and throughout western Canada as much as possible.

Please help us welcome these organizations to the CMC family!