The mandate of CMC is:

  1. Promote the co-operative model in Canada;
  2. Create an environment conducive to co-operative development;
  3. Lead a strategic reflection on the future of the co-operative movement;
  4. Implement the strategic plan;
  5. Promote inter-cooperation and business networking;
  6. Represent the co-operative and mutualist movement across Canada;
  7. Contribute to training, leadership development and research;
  8. Represent the co-operative movement before the International Co-operative Alliance;
  9. Encourage joint action among international co-operative development stakeholders; and
  10. Promote international co-operative development and support the structure that will accommodate the Canadian Co-operative Association – International Development.

The guiding principles of CMC are:

  1. Organization run by its members and at the service of members;
  2. Observing the historical traditions on which the movement is built;
  3. Equal service delivery to both linguistic communities (fully bilingual services);
  4. Promoting an inclusive approach;
  5. Considering the potential of each organization and of its members;
  6. Valuing the uniqueness and the qualities of each of the organizations;
  7. Recognizing the strength and relevance of the co-operative principles as an engine for socio-economic development in francophone minority communities;
  8. Adopting a delivery system which takes regional specificities into account as well as the unique situations and needs of the different members (big and small);
  9. Delegating power and responsibilities to the most efficient and capable level;
  10. Equity in governance;
  11. Equity in financing; and
  12. Equity in representation.