Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) Executive Director Jo-Anne Ferguson is retiring. Jo-Anne was the Senior Director, International Development, for more than 10 years and was appointed ED this April after CCA became an NGO exclusively focused on international development. Jo-Anne Ferguson’s leadership was key to the smooth transition of CCA to its newly focused mandate.

Jo-Anne is also in charge of the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF), and, as CDF Director Patrice Pratt explained, “Both CDF and CCA have been strengthened through Jo-Anne’s outstanding leadership, guidance and steadfast commitment to excellence.”

Jo-Anne has more than 30 years of professional management experience in the credit union and co-op sectors, many of which were spent on development projects abroad managing development assistance programs in Sri Lanka, technical missions in the transitional economies of China and Mongolia, as well as India, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Sierra Leone.

The search for a new executive director for CDF and CCA is on. Once a suitable candidate has been selected and hired to replace Jo-Anne her retirement will be official. We look forward to celebrating Jo-Anne’s career and future plans when that moment arrives.